A CPPE logoFebruary 19 2018

Pharmacists should be receiving educational material this week on a new patient safety campaign from the Centre of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education.

Resources have been mailed out ahead of the campaign proper starting on February 26. Running until April 9, the campaign has six “weekly challenges to help you speak up, overcome barriers, assess risk, learn from reporting, reflect on processes and make positive changes to empower patients and improve patient safety.”

CPPE has developed a ‘Risk management’ guide which gives a background to the concepts explored in the campaign, and forms the basis of the third challenge. It is asking pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to keep an eye on the CPPE website for more information about the campaign, and to sign up at www.cppe.ac.uk/patientsafety.

“When the campaign begins you’ll be able to access lots of useful resources and complete the challenges. Our first challenge is to complete our e-challenge quiz, which has been co-written by Pharmacist Support. This quiz is available now at www.cppe.ac.uk/e-challenge/#ec if you want to get ahead with the first challenge,” it said.

CPPE has worked with the National Institute of Health Research Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (PSTRC) on the Risk management guide. CPPE also point out that patient safety is a global priority, with the World Health Organization campaign ‘Medication Without Horizon’ launched in 2017 focusing in medicines.

The CPPE campaign will be promoted on social media using the hashtag #CPPEPS.

CPPE Patient Safety Campaign