a teeth imageJanuary 16 2018

A range of information sheets relating to dental and oral health have been issued for use in pharmacies. 

Drawn up by Health Education England’s Dental and Pharmacy teams across the London and South East region, the information sheets cover a range of topics, including:

  • bleeding and swollen gums;
  • bleeding after tooth extraction;
  • chipped or fractured teeth;
  • accessing dental services;
  • dry Mouth;
  • fractured dental appliances;
  • lost fillings/crowns;
  • muscle pain in the face (TMJ);
  • ulcers;
  • problems with wisdom teeth;
  • teething;
  • toothache.

“Dental symptoms are one of the most common symptom groups for callers to NHS 111, particularly at weekends. Many patients visiting emergency departments could be managed by other services including community pharmacies,” said LaSE Pharmacy.

“The factsheets are intended to support and refresh knowledge and be used as a learning aid by all patient-facing staff in pharmacy when dealing with common dental presentations, helping community pharmacy teams to manage urgent dental and oral symptoms and to signpost patients to other services where indicated.”

The leaflets can be downloaded individually or as a set, for use by the pharmacy team. There is also an evaluation form for feedback to help LaSE Pharmacy develop further information sheets.

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